Moron of the Day

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Excerpts

Moron of the Day

  1. Thefiddlah says:

    I see you considered me quote ” what a crazy bastard” because of a comment I posted to some jacka** liberal. And all I did was to point out that the person needed to study up on their American history. And you call me a crazy Bastard for that? You know I have several friends that post regularly here on wordpress and by you posting such an ignorant and a completely uncalled for insult to a person such as myself who by the way was using my 1st Amendment rights to express my thoughts, makes you one self delusional leftist ‘ Moron of the year’ ! I won’t stoop as low as you and go spurting off 6th grade mentality cuss words to describe you. We’ll just leave it at that ‘ Moron of the year ‘ or better yet ‘ Moron of WordPress ‘ !
    ps: Just thought I’d re-post this in the correct category which best describes you!

    • cschear87 says:

      Sir, I have posted a blog on cursing so I am disappointed you feel cussing is of a “6th grade mentality”. You are more than in your first amendment rights to say anything you wish, but so am I. My American History is well up to snuff, so I’m sorry you feel otherwise. Have a nice day.

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