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Fox News are Asshats

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Excerpts

Fox News are Asshats

This is an opinion piece Fox News did involving a child in Michigan who brought a dagger to school as a religious symbol. Now, I do think the child shouldn’t be allowed to bring it to school because a dagger is classed as a weapon. But, the reason this is so infuriating is not the article itself but some of the comments on it. Some of which are as ignorant as “Sikhs are Muslims”. And some are as juvenile as “they smell”. But the worst is “They should go back to their own country”. You could say that to ANYONE in the USA. These people are disgusting. They’re the lowest of the low. And they make me ashamed to be American. These right wing elitist pricks have no business saying what America is or what it stands for.