It’s been a while

Posted: July 13, 2011 in Excerpts, Idiots

So a lot has happened in the last while since my previous posts. On a personal level, I had and now no longer have a job. I lost my Grandmother at the age of 85. So what has happened in the world? Well, Bin Laden is dead now… that was big news. But let’s talk about politics. Lets be honest, I know it makes us feel better that Bin Laden is swimming with the fishes now but it wasn’t really a big impact. I mean, what’s he done in the last 10 years…? In addition to one crazy guy being killed, one crazy woman has become increasingly on the radar. I am of course talking about the psychotic, bigoted freak that is Michele Bachmann. She doesn’t like anyone. Especially gay people. And she blamed swine flu on liberals. Really. She’s is most literally insane.

Glenn Beck is off the air… reason to celebrate right? Until Fox “News” gets someone even more right wing and bigoted on their oh so informative channel.

Therefore it gives me great pleasure to give my freak, asshat and idiot of the day to Glenn Beck. Just for being him.


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