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10 Years On

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ten years on and we’re no more cleansed or understanding about 9/11. We still bicker about one another’s politics. We still execute people. We still think a black man can’t be President. Well, that’s not true – completely. We should bicker about one another’s politics. It’s freedom of speech and it’s what separates us from Afghanistan or Iraq. We do still execute people and I think it’s wrong. But at the moment it is legal. And, a black man is President. I just wish he was a real democrat. A man who is liberal and wants more for America than simply creating debate about healthcare. Or killing Bin Laden. Ten years ago I was in school when 9/11 happened. It changed me. It changed everyone. So I won’t ask where you were when 9/11 happened. I’ll ask you this: WHO are you now?