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John Terry

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Idiots

So for the Americans out there or people in Europe otherwise living under a rock, John Terry is a footballer (soccer player) who plays for Chelsea Football Club. He is a defender who has many team mates of all races and nationalities. He has been accused of calling an opposition player a “black c*nt”. It’s not just that he’s been accused… there’s video footage of it. You don’t need to be able to read lips to clearly see what he is saying. The opposition player is named Anton Ferdinand. He plays for Queens Park Rangers Football Club and is the brother of a more high profile player named Rio Ferdinand who plays for Manchester United. Problem with this case (as I await the verdict) is not just that John Terry has been allowed to keep playing for club and country, ┬ábut that Rio Ferdinand who is an English defender, was not allowed to play for England during a tournament and not just that, but he was left out most likely due to personal reasons associated with John Terry. So the big giant thug and racist has been allowed to play for his country but the guy who hasn’t done anything wrong doesn’t get to play. If this was John Terry’s first controversy, you could argue he made a mistake and move on. But, he has repeatedly shown his true colours.

He previously played alongside a player named Wayne Bridge. Whilst playing together (again at Chelsea), John Terry was banging Wayne Bridge’s partner. This is also the same guy who directly after 9/11, taunted Americans at a hotel he was staying at. He’s a dirtbag and should be treated as such. So I know I’m hoping for a guilty verdict. This guy as supposed to be a role model for young kids… would you want your kid to look up to him?