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Lately, it has seemed incredibly trendy to be anti-Israel. How depressing this is for me is beyond words. The problem is that it seems to be mostly my own party who is so antisemitic. How do I, as a liberal, tolerate hatred towards my own background from those I agree with most politically? Here’s the thing: I have no problem when people say the US should stop funding to Israel. That is an economic viewpoint that while I disagree with, I can understand. Here’s the problem with it: “Israeli Government are terrorists”, “Israel is as bad as the Nazis”, “Israeli Apartheid”…. and the thing is, none of it true.

How many times do I have to see my own party degrade my beliefs? I have Grandparents who were in wars – who were military for a big part of their lives. I have heard of stories of the PTSD they were afflicted with.

My family is made up of two halves. One half Irish/English/Scottish, the other half Eastern European. And on the one side, I am Jewish and Catholic – Jewish from three of my Grandparents, Catholic from one. And lets be clear, neither were looked at fondly by those in WW2.

I am a good person – I work hard at school, take care of the home, cook, clean, take care of my fiance when he’s unwell, let him watch football every week… I pay my rent on time, I don’t use violence, I don’t drink or do drugs… so why am I so looked down upon by the side who is supposed to care about ALL people? Why is there such hypocrisy?

Why can no one from my party watch my back? If I was black, Latina, Asian, Arab… If I was on welfare… If I lived in the US… If I didn’t have a passport… I am NOT less than.


My Thoughts

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Over the past few months I’ve noticed a change in America and the World. We’ve become complacent in what’s right. Why is it necessary to denounce guns anymore? More over why is it necessary to denounce assault rifles?? If a citizen wants a gun to hunt deer then that is their prerogative. And why shouldn’t it be? But why does it need to be clarified that uzis, grenade launchers, M16s etc are not good for anyone? These weapons aren’t for hunting or sport. They are strictly for doing as much damage as possible. In addition, no gun should be made available to people with no understanding of the weapon or the conscience to operate it properly. 6 year old kids should never be the victim of violence. These children and their teachers in Connecticut should have never been put in the position they were in – and they certainly shouldn’t have been killed because America is afraid to denounce the NRA.

Just as important as denouncing violence – gun related or not – is denouncing the sick and twisted individuals who say that these things happen because of God’s wrath on homosexuality or lack of prayer in schools. I went to public schools all my life. And my parents thought it best for me to attend hebrew school up to 3 times a week. And that was their right. But I don’t expect any school to teach the She’ma, the Lord’s prayer or any other religious practice. It’s about the kid who shows up to school and isn’t Catholic or Jewish or Protestant. What of the kid who is Sikh or Atheist? Or Muslim or Native American? Hindu or Buddhist?

Schools are for learning and teaching and I am all for children and adults alike to learn as much as they can in the life they are given. But prayer is for the Parents to teach or Sunday schools to teach.

On another note, I find the lack of solidarity with Israel from the rest of the world sickening. Israel gets blamed for firing rockets into Palestinian territories. No one ever mentions the Palestinians firing their own bombs, rockets and guns into Israeli homes. I find it sad that the party I so deeply affiliate myself with on almost all issues can let me down on the subject of Israel. It is time for Obama to show the world that America is behind Israel 100%. I believe in the Democratic party and am registered as such, but why does this issue always let me down? I hope that one day the Left can understand the subject properly and address it as such. In the mean time, I have to do what is best for myself and the beliefs I align myself with. I am not a republican and never could be. But one day, maybe, we’ll see America and Europe align properly and correctly with Israel. I’m sickened and saddened by the antisemitism I’ve seen over the past few months. And no one sees Israel’s side because the media doesn’t show it! One day…


10 Years On

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Ten years on and we’re no more cleansed or understanding about 9/11. We still bicker about one another’s politics. We still execute people. We still think a black man can’t be President. Well, that’s not true – completely. We should bicker about one another’s politics. It’s freedom of speech and it’s what separates us from Afghanistan or Iraq. We do still execute people and I think it’s wrong. But at the moment it is legal. And, a black man is President. I just wish he was a real democrat. A man who is liberal and wants more for America than simply creating debate about healthcare. Or killing Bin Laden. Ten years ago I was in school when 9/11 happened. It changed me. It changed everyone. So I won’t ask where you were when 9/11 happened. I’ll ask you this: WHO are you now?

London Riots

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First let me start my saying my thoughts are with those affected by the awful events all over London and the UK from the last few days. With that in mind, please report this facebook group. These kids are CONSPIRING against a country. It shouldn’t stand – and we shouldn’t stand for it. Furthermore, the rumor is Barnett is getting attacked tonight, so if you’re in the area please get to a safe place.


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Yes I’m back!! My internet no longer hates me and is willing to cooperate as a lefty socialist! Woohoo!! I do apologize for not being around lately. For those that know I was having some health problems but it seems all sorted and that along with my new fancy internet – well you can’t get rid of me now!!!!!

On This Day

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Nine years ago today the world woke up to a very tragic event. On this day 3000 people died. In four separate incidents men, women and children were faced with the last moments of their lives. Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93 attacked buildings 1 and 2 WTC as well as the Pentagon and a possible attempt on the Capital. Every year on this anniversary we mourn the loss. We remember those who perished and those who gave their lives to save others.

But I think it’s time to remember the good. The happy stories of survival. The stories of heroes. The stories of hope. The stories of strangers helping one another. The stories of fighting back by moving on. I think the picture above signifies this. So please look at these links. And instead of feeling sad or angry today, have hope. This post is for the man who let the younger people go on the elevator first, the woman who volunteered for 8 days without going home to help people get out of the debris, the 14 people who survived at “the ground zero hotel” through both towers collapsing on top of them.


The Miracle Survivors

Guide Dog Saves Life

John Cusack v Fox News

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John Cusack v Fox News