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Lately, it has seemed incredibly trendy to be anti-Israel. How depressing this is for me is beyond words. The problem is that it seems to be mostly my own party who is so antisemitic. How do I, as a liberal, tolerate hatred towards my own background from those I agree with most politically? Here’s the thing: I have no problem when people say the US should stop funding to Israel. That is an economic viewpoint that while I disagree with, I can understand. Here’s the problem with it: “Israeli Government are terrorists”, “Israel is as bad as the Nazis”, “Israeli Apartheid”…. and the thing is, none of it true.

How many times do I have to see my own party degrade my beliefs? I have Grandparents who were in wars – who were military for a big part of their lives. I have heard of stories of the PTSD they were afflicted with.

My family is made up of two halves. One half Irish/English/Scottish, the other half Eastern European. And on the one side, I am Jewish and Catholic – Jewish from three of my Grandparents, Catholic from one. And lets be clear, neither were looked at fondly by those in WW2.

I am a good person – I work hard at school, take care of the home, cook, clean, take care of my fiance when he’s unwell, let him watch football every week… I pay my rent on time, I don’t use violence, I don’t drink or do drugs… so why am I so looked down upon by the side who is supposed to care about ALL people? Why is there such hypocrisy?

Why can no one from my party watch my back? If I was black, Latina, Asian, Arab… If I was on welfare… If I lived in the US… If I didn’t have a passport… I am NOT less than.